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✔️ DON'T want to spend a fortune hiring copywriters, website designers, ads designers, etc (like we hired for you)

✔️ Want to be able to just Copy & Paste Proven Profitable Email, Ads and landing pages Templates that have been tested extensively

✔️ Want to discover both Organic and Paid traffic strategies that are already made for you and bring sustained results

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✔️ Done by our whole team of experts: Copywriters, designers, Media Buyers, etc, people whose work is to do JUST that

✔️ Templates that have been tested EXTENSIVELY to be found profitable SUSTAINABLY (we spend at least 10k on a strategy, email sequence, or any other template before sending it to you)

✔️ With 100+ Already Included Documents + Exclusive Tips on How to use Them best if you are still a beginner

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You will have at your fingertips the world's best and proven Landing Pages, Ads strategies, Organic selling strategies, funnels, Email Templates and much more! All of it has been created by dedicated experts AND tested by our whole team, put in front of thousands of people to determine whether each of them is SUSTAINABLY profitable...

  • You will never have to hire expensive copywriters or web designers again (or at least you'll have AMAZING benchmarks for your team)
  • You will never have to waste time waiting for inspiration to come, to test your funnels and sequences, to WAIT to be profitable!
  • You will have Tested And Proven Templates for literally EVERYTHING you need to be profitable in Digital Marketing (Email sequence, scripts, paid ads strategies, funnels, landing pages, sales letters, planning spreadsheets, and much more!)
  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 (if you get one of the last spots now): 24/7 support on how to APPLY those templates to build a 7 figures business just like we did
  • SPECIAL BONUS 2: The Exclusive Spreadsheets we use in our own Company to Plan and Implement Social Media Content
  • SPECIAL BONUS 3: The 10+ tools we use in our Business to integrate all the parts of our Profitable Machine!

And more...


We could sell this for 197$/month, as we have, or One Payment of 997$

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"Sounds good, but what have you done before?"


So discover now...

The surprisingly SIMPLE step by step Method, Strategies And Templates we have used ourselves to sell more than 37.531 products online...

For a combined 7 Figures Income

A few audience & Income Results that another client (Amanda Puccini) had after just 6 weeks of using our templates + tips

Screenshot of numerical results

HARD TRUTH: there are way too many “gurus” selling high ticket courses or mentorships at 1000 dollars while you were quietly waiting for this…

That’s why we have compiled our best strategies, ads, emails, and MORE, for people looking to sell online for the price that just COVERS our Costs of providing you with these (around 9$ for this amount of spots).

That's the Real Deal.

Recap: What you will get today?

100+ Exclusive Templates & Tips on how to Implement Them (Today)

+ MONTHLY Obligatory Renewal of the Proven Templates so they are sustainably Profitable


Who We Are? Meet the STANDOUT TEAM

STANDOUT is a group of digital natives and advisors based out of Singapore and India who have launched companies in more than 10 countries, consulted global business owners, and mentored the workforce of the future.

We are on a mission to create a community of digital influencers and outstanding individuals who would be empowered to live the life of their choice, on their terms, while comfortably staying on the edge of technology.

Not only we will arm you with transparent, simple, and proven knowledge, but also we will give you access to an international community and 24/7 support to actually apply it successfully.

There are simple techniques to sell ONLINE that “Formula sellers” want to make very complicated.

We have disclosed them ALL for a ridiculously priced 9$/month subscription.

Discover them today and Join Thousands of Students Worldwide & a Thriving Community that will FORCE you to Grow as Never Before:

Well, we’ve made it all simple (yes, even for absolute beginners and intermediates) since one just needs to:

Have a predictable system to make sales and earn a side-income (we provide you with this system)

Understand the basics on how to implement the best digital marketing tools (and become an expert)

Put it all together SYSTEMATICALLY to create a consistent stream of earnings (have real results)

Anyone who tries to make it harder than that is probably trying to sell something at a higher value than it should…

2020 showed us we are in the absolute best moment of history to develop digital skills (and to actually use them to have a better life).

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The 10+ Tools we use in our business to integrate all the Parts of our Profitable Machine!
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Evergreen, Unlimited, Forever: All our best strategies and templates updated EVERY MONTH for anyone to be able to achieve a 6 figures income online

+ Our Proven Simple System that made Thousands of Students (worldwide) change their Financial Lives

+ More than 100 different materials that we have previously sold for (Literally) Thousands of Dollars each

and most importantly

  • The step by step method to launch campaigns and sell through Ads
  • Learn how to earn through the most powerful advertising platform
  • The Exclusive Ads Templates (creating powerful images and videos for Marketing purposes)
  • Affiliate Marketing and Organic Selling Mastery
  • The 5 wildly profitable types of Funnels and techniques that marketers use to generate 6 and 7 figures
  • The 5 ways to Double your Revenue during a crisis

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It doesn't have to be complicated to have amazing results that will change your life.

We believe in showing you IN PRACTICE what we do, not just "saying" so. We believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

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All in One Digital Marketing Kit

  • Full Winning E-mails, Copy, Landing Pages, Funnel Templates, done-for-you Creatives & FULL Advertising Strategies;
  • 100+ Exclusive Templates & Tips on how to Implement Them (Today);
  • + MONTHLY Obligatory Renewal of the Proven Templates so they are sustainably Profitable;
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 (if you get one of the last spots now): 24/7 support on how to APPLY those templates to build a 7 figures business just like we did
  • SPECIAL BONUS 2: The Exclusive Spreadsheets we use in our own Company to Plan and Implement Social Media Content
  • SPECIAL BONUS 3: The 10+ tools we use in our Business to integrate all the parts of our Profitable Machine!
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What happens if I don't like the Materials?

You can cancel your 9$ subscription at any time, this will be automatic: you send us an email telling us to cancel it and we cancel it on the spot.

How long will I have access to the All In One Evergreen Kit?

For your whole life, and we will be updating the content every month to be 100% sure that the content is forever profitable for you.

Will I have support to actually implement the knowledge? Is it only theoretical?

You will have access to our 24/7 support to implement this exclusive knowledge, all the material, our proven framework, and the secrets we have used to create a 7 figures business across the years.

You will also have access to a community of almost 1000 business owners who will be there to help you, to give you networking opportunities, or even to get you new clients.

How long do I have to decide?

We like to keep it honest: this is an amazing offer that sells itself, it's 9$ but it costs us more than that for us to pay our team to create AND test the winning templates we will put there.

Once we find breakeven (when the number of people subscribed pays for the content created, we will be running at loss until that point) it's over. So we WON'T hold it for long, since we want to keep our WINNERS COMMUNITY Exclusive and High-Quality (and since we can't disclose all our winning strategies for the whole world)...

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